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In my showroom, I maintain an inventory of selected pianos for sale that generally include older Steinways, Baldwins, Chickerings, and occasionally other makes of superior design. Under consideration for future acquisition, I have also a line-up of additional superior pianos which may be of interest.

Fine pianos for sale, which I offer, will assure the discriminating purchaser that he or she will have an instrument capable of great tone, touch, and durability. In planning to buy, please contact me as to your preferences, and, for other details.

  1. Fully Tempered Duplex Scale (FTDS) Tuning & Modifications
  2. Inspections, Appraisals & Consulting
  3. Concert Piano Preparation & Rental
  4. Remanufacture, Fabrication & Case Restoration
  5. Tone Regulation, Cleaning & Tuning
  6. Recital SpaceRecital.jpg
  7. Articles for Technicians

Edward McMorrow, R.P.T.
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My shop is located in Mukilteo, WA. Please call or email for appointment.
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