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Fully Tempered Duplex Scale

Review of Edward McMorrow's Piano Remanufacture
With Fully Tempered Duplex Scale

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"Yesterday a colleague and I were able to check out Ed's freshly remanufactured Mason & Hamlin BB (1970s vintage) which features his FTDS design. This instrument was purchased from Prosser Piano & Organ in June of this year, for a neighborhood high school performance venue. Prior to that it had received no reconditioning excepting hammer reshaping and periodic regulation.

"Given Ed's extensive handiwork (new block, rescaled lower tenor and bass section, Mapes custom made strings with stainless steel wound tri-chords at the tenor/bass break), WNG shanks, Ronsen hammers, key rebalancing, reconfigured bridge thicknesses and other modifications best explained by Ed.

I can't say to what extent the FTDS alone is responsible for its substantially improved clarity, power, and sustain in the last two octaves, consistent with Ed's claims. I can say that in its unrestored state, from C5 up the treble displayed the problems Ed has enumerated as does the 1971 Mason A we're about to rebuild, which has resisted conventional hammer mating/voicing and string leveling remedies.

"At the very least his FTDS, which includes meticulous reshaping of the V-bar, height/alignment of agraffes, and counter-bearing angle adjustments, has effectively eliminated any sizzles, snare drum/buzzes or noises. In combination with optimizing strike point and his choice of Ronsen hammers, the tails of which he aggressively tapers to around 5 or 6 mm in the high treble (possible with WNG shanks) to lower mass, I suspect the FTDS contributes in large part to the greatly improved sustain, power, singing quality and color in the upper register.

"Over a range of dynamic levels the piano's tone was even, full-bodied and orchestral sounding without ever becoming strident even at fff. All in all a marvelous piano now. I will be visiting the music director at the High School and may have more to report in a later post."

Lee Sumner
Manager, Acoustic Piano Component
Prosser Piano & Organ Co.
Seattle, WA

Duplex Bridge (FTDS)
Duplex Bridge of Steinway, Model ...
Świth fully tempered duplex scaleŚ

Fully Tempered Duplex Scale
—Technical Article Coming—

Piano World Forum
(Post #2024930, 01/31/13)

"I thought an announcement here would help inform the field. The March issue of "The Piano Technicians Journal" features an article by me describing what I have done in the realm of duplex scaling to rise to the level of invention. The Patent application, titled "Fully Tempered Duplex Scale (FTDS)" is pending. At the 2012 PTG Nat'l convention, I exhibited a Steinway B and Baldwin R that have been modified to display some of the technology my invention covers. I have done several more pianos now with this feature and the response of musicians is very positive.

I believe my FTDS shows that I have solved the vast majority of duplex/capo noise issues. I am seeking to license FTDS to important parts of the piano industry. If you would like to play and hear exemplar FTDS pianos, I am in the Seattle area.

"I hope my fellow technicians will read my article at least!"

Edward McMorrow, R.P.T.
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