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My name is Ed McMorrow , R.P.T. I founded LightHammer Piano to provide services to pianists and the piano industry. And, since I began servicing pianos in 1971, I have a long, successful record of innovative and practical accomplishments in piano technology.

I have spent considerable time and effort to learn what elements of piano construction are responsible for producing great tone and touch; how to extend these qualities completely across the compass, and how to do this in ways that also produce instruments with the highest degree of stability, serviceability, and durability. I have combined this work with the basics of linguistics and vocal singing technique to develop a model of piano tone and touch that I call Musically Intelligible Sound.

If you find the warmer tone qualities associated with older, original Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Chickering, Baldwin, and other fine pianos preferred, I would like you to know I do as well. 

Should you engage the services of LightHammer Piano, be assured we will do everything possible to represent your interests regarding purchasing or owning a piano. We offer services ranging from inspections, appraisals, cleaning, tuning, tone regulation, concert piano preparation, industry consulting, performance rental pianos, rebuilding, art case restoration, custom art case fabrication, and sales of fine pianos.

My shop is located in Mukilteo, WA. Please call or email for appointment.
Telephone: (425) 299-3431 Email: