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More on Fully Tempered Duplex Scale (FTDS)

Advantages of Fully Tempered Duplex Scale

Edward McMorrow, R.P.T.
Piano Technicians Guild

1. Elimination of unnnatural "whistles" and "chiming" sounds that sometimes accompany certain notes of the typical duplex scale. This results in a “more dynamic, full, and sustained treble tone” (the descriptive term often used by Steinway). Additional improvements include:

2. More complete utilization of "pivot termination" conditions, which reduce string fatigue.

3. Blending the tone of the duplex portion of scale with that of the agraffe section.

4. Reducing hammer impact noise and it's transmission into the plate, thus creating a smoother rendering of the string over the string rests when tuning.

5. Balancing, within their place in the piano compass, the way in which T-modes and L-modes of the struck string, the duplex length, and the hitching length are established between themselves. The relationships are balanced in a way somewhat similar to how we balance beat rates among the musical intervals, when we tune. Explicit description of this balancing procedure can be provided and will be the subject of a later paper. My terms “Fully Tempered” and “Duplex Scale”, used together, refer to this balancing procedure.

Note: I use the term, "duplex", to refer to the string length between the capo bar and the string rest nearest the tuning pin.


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