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Edward McMorrow, R.P.T.
"The Educated Piano: The Structural Relationships and
Specifications Essential forFine Piano Tone"

Hardcover, ISBN #0-929738-00-4; Price $119.95 USD,
shipping to USA & Canada included. Contact Edward McMorrow.

Book is intended for piano technicians and has important material for anyone wanting to understand how a fine piano works. Reviewed in the Piano Technicians Journal By Alan Vincent, R.P.T., who stated that McMorrow's Light Hammer Tone Regulation Procedure was “particularly profound”. Other topics covered include; shaping the capo d’astro bar, duplex scale, aural and electronic tuning, soundboard mechanics and construction, action mechanics and geometry, dampers, key bushings, action centers, screw stringers, concert work and many other salient topics.


Private Business - servicing and rebuilding pianos since 1971.

Seattle, Sherman Clay Steinway Dealership - head technician for 16 years.

Seattle Symphony - piano technician for 13 years.

Piano Technicians Guild - registered piano technician (R.P.T.), college & university technicians. Developed & taught many servicing protocols at annual conventions, including,

1. Procedure and specifications for shaping the capo bar to the ideal configuration.

2. Lighthammer tone regulation procedure to improve ergonometric feel by adjusting the hammer weight in relation to the action leverage, and eliminating key weights.

3. Cent differntial tuning system for use with an electronic tuning instrument.

4. Hybrid wire scaling protocols for softer wires, to modify scale breaks and reduce L-modes.

U. S. Patent Office - patents pending on Fully Tempered Duplex Scale (FTDS).


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